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First things first...

Users can sign up while remaining anonymous with only a working email address and a method of payment. They have the right to export bookmarks, close their account anytime, and have their private bookmarks kept confidential. Personal data, including browsing history, email address, and identity, will never be shared without the user's consent. There will be no third-party content served when logged in. Finally, users will be treated with respect and discretion, no matter what they bookmark.

tl;dr: ClipGPT cares about you and your privacy.

What is ClipGPT?
ClipGPT is a website where you can save links to your favorite websites and share them with your friends. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically summarize your bookmarks, thoughts, and notes. You can follow your friends and have them follow you. This way, you can see each others' public bookmarks in real-time. You can add comments to your links, and get comments on links from those who follow you.
Why did you build it?
They say the best ideas solve a problem that you personally have. I've been using bookmarks for years, and I've always wanted a better way to organize them. I've tried a lot of different bookmarking services, but none of them really did what I wanted. So I decided to build my own. I get frustrated with how slowly websites tend to add new features, and I wanted to build something that I could iterate on quickly. I'm a big fan of the lean startup methodology, and I wanted to build something that I could get out to users quickly, and then iterate on based on their feedback.
Aren't there other sites that do this?
Of course! That's what makes the Internet great: Freedom of choice. There are a lot of bookmarking services out there, but like I mentioned, none of them quite fit the bill for me personally. For instance, the most popular ones out there haven't changed in years. I wanted to build something that was a little different, and that's what ClipGPT is.
Why are you charging money for this?
I wish I could give this away for free, but I have to pay for the servers that run this site. Access to the OpenAI API is also not free. Bottom line, there are operating costs, and it takes my own time to build new features and improve upon existing ones. I hope you agree that I'm providing a valuable service at a fair price, and that it's worth paying for. So your subscription covers the costs of running the site, keeping your data private, and helps put food in me. The subscription business model is more sustainable, and allows me to guarantee your privacy, since your data is not being sold.
The AI is cool but can I add my own descriptions?
Yes! When you add a link to your profile, the AI generates a summary but you can easily edit it. You can also disable the AI completely and use the site in a more manual manner.
How can I get help, report a bug, or suggest a feature?
The quickest way to get help is to email me at If you have found an issue, please describe what you did, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened. You can also find us on twitter at 🐦 @clipgpt.
How does privacy work?

First and foremost, your identity remains anonymous. The only signup requirements are payment and a functional email address. You can opt to make your account private. You can also decide to have a public profile, but mark bookmarks private on a bookmark-by-bookmark basis. How you use the site is you own business.

Private bookmarks are only visible to you, and don't appear on any of the sitewide pages, search results, people who follow you, etc.

Be as social or reclusive as you want.

Unlike all other bookmarking sites, there is no third-party content on ClipGPT, we have no tracking scripts from Google, Facebook, etc. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.

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