> It's not your average bookmarking platform

Yes, it's an artificial intelligence-powered bookmarking platform, but it's also so much more.

The elevator pitch

ClipGPT is an online bookmarking services that use Artificial Intelligence to automatically summarize your bookmarks. It's also a social network where you can follow your friends and see what they're bookmarking in real-time.

Beyond bookmarking links, we allow you to save your notes and thoughts as well. We pass your notes through our same AI-engine for automatic summarization.

Looking for a more traditional bookmarking experience? Simply disable the AI engines with a quick click in your settings and do things a bit more manually.

Social bookmarking for extroverts

Following your friends' bookmarks on ClipGPT is valuable because it helps you discover new content, gain insight into their interests, and find inspiration for your own projects

Once you've followed someone, they have the ability to share notes on the things you save. This is a great way to get feedback on your ideas and projects, or just to say "thanks" for sharing something you found useful.

Get rich with Markdown

Markdown is a powerful tool that allows you to enrich your posts with formatting and styling elements, making them more visually appealing and engaging. With markdown, you can easily add headings, bold and italic text, bullet points, and other formatting options to your posts without having to worry about the technical details of HTML or CSS.

Not to mention it's a lot of fun

Collaborate with Comments

Once you've saved a bookmark or a note, you can start taking things a step further with comments. This is a great way to collaborate with your friends, or just to keep track of your own thoughts on a particular topic.

You can also reply to other people's comments, which is a great way to start a conversation with your friends.

If you're privacy-minded, you can easily make a bookmark or note private and only you can see it. Also note that you must be following someone in order for them to leave you comments.

Transform Audio to Text

ClipGPT Members can enjoy the ability to transcribe audio to text using the next-generation Whisper API from OpenAI. This is a great way to quickly capture thoughts and ideas without having to type them out.

We use the same underlying AI-engine to automatically summarize audio clips as well, and you can listen to them in audio format or read them as text. You can also explore the community's audio notes and transcriptions as well!

So many features

We're all about iterating. So we're going to keep adding features based on your feedback.

  • 🤖 AI summarizes your articles and notes
  • 🎵 Save photos, articles, audio, & video
  • 🔈 Audio Transcription & summarization
  • 🖼️ Photo uploads
  • 🔒 Private bookmarks
  • 👫🏻 Follow your friends
  • 🌐 "Explore" feed for bookmark discovery
  • 📧 Email bookmarks to your account
  • 🔼 Import bookmarks from other services
  • 👩🏻‍💻 Browser addons for easy saving
  • 🗒️ Markdown for notes
  • 💬 Like and comment on links
  • 🔑 Private profiles
  • 🎨 Image bookmarks with GIF support
  • 🤑 Rich media embeds

$19.96 a year

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